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34" Dasher

The 34" Dasher is an all around deck. The frontal wedge mounting keeps the front truck in one place, while the rear truck allows you to mount multiple wheelbases. This wheelbase system along with the continuous radial concave combined with the .25 rear flair gives this board its "dashing qualities". Hence, the dragonfly graphic. 



36" Devata

The 36.6" Devata was designed by Doug Tollman right here in the rockies. This deck is a directional downhill canyon bomber featuring a .5" frontal drop and a 1" rear drop. Also, the wedge/de­wedge system in cooperation with the our "Tub Infinity W" concave provide the hightest stability and traction.




38" Dissect

The Dissect was built to be your large form skate deck. With our "Street Tub" concave, it locks you into stance while both kick­tails retain the familiar skateboard shape for beast popping.

Designed for both TKP's and RKP's this board is perfect for tech sliding and street skating, and despite its generous surface area, it bombs less like a barn door and more like a deck akin to those of more traditional disciplines.


38" Doobie

The 38" Doobie was constructed for High Speed Blazin'. This deck has .63" drops and features our "Lenticular W Concave". The flushmounted wheelbase option along with a symmetrical tapered shape provide a deck with maximum control at blazing speeds.



41" Desert Cruiser

The Desert Cruiser is a directional pin tail, single kick deck, with flushmounts. Our "Lenticular Tub" concave with our "Cobra Drops" make this deck perfect for cruising, carving, bombing, or mobbing flatground around town.


5 Item(s)